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Find the Best Seafood in Boston at These 10 Local-Approved Spots

From omakase sushi to oysters and lobster rolls, Boston seafood is about more than just clam chowder.

This first appeared on MUNCHIES in October 2016.

Boston's fortunate enough to have its own eponymous cream pie and baked beans, but more importantly, we'd argue, it's got chowder.

Luvva bowla chowdah. You can get a helluva lobstah in Beantown, too, and oystahs to boot.

OK—we'll stop pitifully imitating Boston's infamous accent now, as there are plenty of distinguished folk wandering its streets who would roll their eyes at this hyper-stereotypical lack of enunciation of the letter "R." But we won't stop talking about how Boston's a damn fine town to sidle up with a Sam Adams and a lobster roll—or a dozen oysters, or a bowl of seafood soup—and there are many places within city limits where one can engage in this life-affirming activity.


But for you, dear curious locals and visitors alike, we've rounded up a bunch of our favorite seafood spots in Boston for our MUNCHIES Guide to Boston, and we hope that you'll enjoy trying them, too. Tie on your lobster bibs and ready those crunchy little oyster crackers.

The Best Seafood Spots in Boston

Best Seafood in Boston - The Barking Crab
Best Seafood in Boston - Cafe Sushi

Follow the neon sign to this hidden Cambridge gem, where you'll find some of the best sushi in the area at a startlingly reasonable cost. Snag a seat at the bar for an omakase experience you won't forget.

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