This Week on Waypoint: Yoshi, Spaceships, and Incredible YouTube Intros

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September 30, 2017, 3:00pm

Happy Saturday, internet!

Look. I get it. Things get busy from time to time, and you don't always get a chance to check out everything we do during the week

This Twitter Bot Reposts YouTube Intros, Existential Darkness

I just… I… Look at this goddamned thing:

It's beautiful. And it's only one of many. Writes Jordan Mallory:

Meanwhile, this video seems to have achieved some kind of fugue state; a womb-like nullification of all sensory input. Does it have a purpose? Does it seek to communicate an idea, or perhaps the absence of one? Have you ever seen a child deliver a punishing elbow drop upon a Luigi?

There is a well here, and it is deep.

It Took 10 Years, But We Finally Have a Good 'Battlestar Galactica' Game

In which Rob Zacny digs into what the heart of the 2004 Battlestar Galactica revival…. and sacrifices a capital ship for the sake of his fleet:

In other words, I wanted a slugging match where I cornered my opponent and crushed them with a few heavy blows, while the Cylon fleet was able to stand at distance and just throw jab after jab after jab. I'd be worn down to nothing before I ever got in position. So I made an oblique approach: For several turns, my Battlestar presented its left flank to wave after wave of Cylon missiles while, to its right, my entire fleet huddling for protection, waiting for the distance to close. I activated the Battlestar's flak guns and watched as a wall of fire formed between the Cylon missiles and my ships. The waves of missiles couldn't get through, whether they were targeting my Battlestar or its allies. Like Snorlax, it was helping everybody.

It's Official: Mario Was Totally Punching Yoshi in 'Super Mario World'



I…. have thoughts. So does Danika, apparently.

Good. Great. Good and great.

Waypoint Forum Thread: What artist would you bet on continuing to be great?

Forum User @Foxtrot writes:

The A.V. Club published an interesting article last week where they asked various staff members to name an artist/filmmaker/writer/game dev who they confidently believe will continue to be great for their next 4 projects. You must commit to purchasing and consuming these next 4 works no matter what, just to make the choice a little more stressful.

The question is tricky to me since it differs a lot from just asking someone who their favorite is, but makes you focus more on an artist's track record of consistency and future potential. The writer's answers ranged from Kanye West to Supergiant Games, and I'm curious to hear picks from this community!

To kick it off, a few of my picks would be BADBADNOTGOOD, a jazz/instrumental hip hop band from Canada who have over the last 6 years released 4 excellent albums, all of which I still listen to consistently. All the members are also quite young, and they said that no one over the age of 21 was involved in the making of their second album, so they've got plenty of time to hone their talents even further.

For me, this is pretty easy—though given the artist's last long period of inactivity, it might leave me waiting for quite some time: Frank Ocean.

How about you? Let us know over on the forums!

A Game Based on Real Stories of Torture Under Brazil's 21-Year Dictatorship

This story came over to us from VICE Brazil's Pedro Falcão, and it looks at a game that digs into a dark moment in Brazilian history:

"It's a topic that, in Brazil, still isn't widely talked about," said Nathália Cruz, one of the founders of the studio Utopia Games, when asked about why they chose to depict cases related to the Dictatorship. "It's a subject very much disguised from the public. There are people who think that the Military Dictatorship was [a positive thing]. There are older people who think that life was better back then, that everything was wonderful and safe before. But if you look into the accounts of all the people who were tortured during that time, the atrocities that took place, you see that it's important to take yet another look at these historical facts."

Definitely worth a read.

There is so much more we got up to this week too: When he wasn't busy golfing, Patrick explained why game industry trade group the ESA would always play things down the center. Freelancer Mat Jones explained why the free-form problem solving of Heat Signature is so appealing. And the whole crew got together for our one hundredth podcast episode. WE OUT HERE. (Also, uh, our Monday episode of the podcast, where we dig deep into race, politics, knees was very good too).

What are you up to this weekend?