11 Gifts for Your Openly Depressed or Anxious Friend

This is not one of those gift guides with tea, stress balls, and positive-affirmation coasters. No, these are gifts for people with a sense of humor about their mental health.
therapy beanie and anxiety necklace
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You can stop reading right now if you’re in search of tea and stress balls and positive-affirmation coasters; this is not one of those gift guides. At Tonic, we have plenty of stories about how mental health issues affect people’s daily lives and what they can do to feel better. But few gifts will do that, unless your present is finding your loved one a therapist who actually takes insurance. The next best thing, at least in the gift department, is to laugh at it all—or celebrate it, even. If your giftee seems down for that, then you’ve come to the right place.


“Fuck This Shit” socks

A stocking stuffer for people who hate everything. (Women’s version here). $13

fuck this shit socks

Photo courtesy of Perpetual Kid

“Seasonal Depression” candle

Smells like not wanting to leave the house. $20


Photo courtesy of Malicious Women Co.

“This Is Fine” mug

Perfect for drinking coffee while scrolling through Twitter. $17


“Therapy Makes You Hotter” beanie

A cozy hat designed by artist Alec MacDonald for taking post-therapy selfies. $22


“Anxiety” necklace

A nameplate necklace for things that weren’t OK to name until pretty recently (also available for depression and bipolar). $48, with all proceeds going to bring change to mind.


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“Meh” ornament

If someone in your household insists on a tree, this can be your contribution. $5


Photo courtesy of Archie McPhee

A Liana Finck cartoon

The New Yorker cartoonist known for her cultural commentary and openness about mental health will redraw one of her pieces for $125.

"Do What You Love" tote

Accurate. $25


Photo courtesy of Adam J. Kurtz

“My Unyielding Melancholy Brings All the Existentialists to the Yard” shirt

If Kelis were a Nihilist. $25


Photo courtesy of Boredwalk

“Chill Pills” iPhone case

Let’s normalize medication, shall we? $32


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“Unresolved Issues” pouch

A vessel for carrying your emotional baggage. $18


Photo courtesy of Emily McDowell

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