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Let's Celebrate the Repeal of Prohibition By Getting Wasted

Remember Prohibition? Man, that was a whole big thing. Celebrate its repeal by reading about the history of moonshine, making a refreshing whiskey punch, or dabbling in mixology.
Photo via Flickr user johnjoh

Remember that time that the US government outlawed the recreational consumption of alcohol for thirteen years? It's difficult to even conceptualize how poorly Prohibition—which even got its own Constitutional amendment (the 18th)—would go over in the modern era, given the immeasurable influence that boozing has on our society as a whole. No more happy hours, keg stands, or first dates spent under the watchful eye of a bartender. But it happened, and for more than a decade Americans had to turn to speakeasies and moonshine if they wanted to get their waste-face on.


But it was on December 5, 1933, that the 21st Amendment was enacted—restoring us to the glory of alcohol and all of its light and dark impacts on our lives. Sure, it has a high cost—hangovers, bad behavior, DUIs, and deaths. But we decided as a country that heck; overall, it's worth it.

If you want to celebrate the anniversary of the repeal and reinstatement of widespread drunken hysteria, we have some suggestions for weekend activities.

Why not learn more about (and whip up … at your own risk) some moonshine, the elixir of choice for the Prohibition-era alcoholic? Let's not forget that even Canada joined in on the fun. Just take our advice on this one: don't mix Viagra with Chinese moonshine.

Thinking of getting loose on rum? Watch our documentary about New Orleans' daiquiri culture—then whip one up for yourself—perfect for relaxing on the bayou or your living room couch. And if you're really hanging in Nola over the holiday season, you should sink into a Bog Cobbler.

If you're a classic cocktail connoisseur, you should probably learn how to make a proper Negroni. Otherwise, sorry—you're just a poser. And if you're more into modern mixology, we've got delicious cocktail recipes from New York mainstay Death + Co. to keep you tipsy.

More interested in seasonal flavors? Watch our excellent episode of Al-Kee-Hol about apfelwein, the traditional German apple wine that packs a big punch.

And if you're spending your weekend drinking in an extra-social fashion (sharing is, after all, caring), treat your friends to some homemade punch. We like ours made with whiskey, cider, and rosemary; gin, lemon, and lavender; or even grapefruit and beer.

Teetotalers, we salute you: tasty as they may be, all of these cocktails come shaken with a little bit of trouble.