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Take a Trip to a Party With All Your Favorite Spooky Creatures

This charming indie game knows that the anticipation and excitement around a party is actually the best part.
Art courtesy of Grace Bruxner

With Halloween in the rearview mirror, this is the week of reflection on Halloween mistakes. We've all made them, and we will probably continue to make them, throughout time, for eternity, until the sun goes out. Halloween mistakes are myriad: You fell down; you accidentally knocked a whole pizza onto the floor; you vomited; you fell into a pizza while vomiting. And all of these things, inevitably, happen at a Halloween party that you didn't really want to go to anyway. Thankfully, Grace Bruxner has given us a spooky party that we can go to any time. You cannot make a fool of yourself there. "The journey to the party" is about, well, going to that party.


If you're not aware of Grace Bruxner's work, it's worth revisiting classics such as "The Fish Market" before journeying to the party. It's there that you get a sense of the tone and humor of her work, and "the journey to the party" is no different. Bruxner presents us with a world that is without embarrassment, without shame, and full of fun. Ghosts, witches, a spider, and what appears to be an owl with incredibly long legs make their way to a party, and you meet them all along the way.

"The journey to the party" is the ultimate antidote to our awful present reality. It's a game about going to a party, damn it, and it's fun and contains a very surprising ending that had me literally laughing. While I'm generally a fan of bleakness, I am also always looking for the way out of it; I want to at least fantasize about a good world. "The journey to the party" is that good world. It's the spooky party we all want to go to, forever.

You can download "the journey to the party" on for Windows, Mac, and Linux.