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The Next Game From 'Her Story' Developer Is A Political Thriller

It sounds like the game is a ways off, but given how good 'Her Story' was, designer Sam Barlow should take his time.
Image courtesy of Sam Barlow

Annapurna Interactive, the publisher behind the excellent What Remains of Edith Finch from earlier this year, has announced a partnership with Her Story designer Sam Barlow. Telling Lies, described as "in the vein of a political thriller," will begin shooting in late 2017 or early 2018, according to Variety.

Her Story had players trying to solve a crime by searching a police database of video clips. Players were tasked with piecing the disjointed narrative together. Telling Lies, which will follow roughly 3-to-4 characters, is in the same vein. Details are vague because Barlow is still writing it, apparently.

And whereas Her Story starred an unknown actress, Barlow is apparently looking into casting Hollywood talent for his follow-up. That could be fascinating.

"Imagine Steve McQueen's Shame mashed up with The Conversation," Barlow said. For movies, he said, the 1970s "were such a golden age exploring the intersection of government, society and individuals."

(The Conversation is a Francis Ford Coppola film from 1974, in which a surveillance expert realizes he's started recording the planning of a murder. Hmm.)

There's no release date for Telling Lies, but if you missed out on Her Story, now's a good chance to fix that.