‘Toverblade’ Brings Lo-Fi Chill Beats to Deckbuilders

Toverblade embodies chill, from soundtrack to mechanics.
Screenshot from Toverblade, A green 6 by 6 grid floats in the middle of the screen, with two wolves and a person holding a sword on top.
Image courtesy of Sokpop

‘Toverblade’ is a deckbuilding roguelike with tactical grid based combat, created by indie developers Sokpop. Its low poly aesthetic and lo-fi beats soundtrack mesh effortlessly with a simple but deep take on card based tactical combat. The map is 6-by-6 with a few scattered obstacles, and you control a single character. Your actions come in the form of cards and you start each of your turns with a hand of four from your ten card deck. You have four energy to play these cards and the majority of which, at the beginning of the game at least, cost one energy to play. This means that most turns become more about figuring out the best order of operations than making choices between cards. All of this amounts to a game with some of the chillest vibes I’ve ever seen in tactics games, a game where strategy comes in small choices so as to present a smooth and relatively calm experience, even if what you’re doing is killing kobolds and giants on your fantasy quest. We discuss Toverblade, Sony’s recent missteps, and more on this episode of Waypoint Radio.


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