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Just the Tip: Satisfyer’s New Male Sex Toy Is a Shaft-Teasing Egg Stroker

Satisfyer hatched a collection of male masturbators that looks like a textured egg, and feels like spanking the bank in 4D.
Satisfyer Egg vibrator male masturbator
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It takes all kinds on this wet, green Earth—but can we please give a standing ovation to the Satisfyer sex toy designer who woke up one day and said, “Who wants to fuck an alien egg?” 

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Photo courtesy of Satisfyer

A lot of people, apparently, as evidenced by the alien egg fetish that popped off several years ago and the fact that we’ve always felt some kind of sexual tension with Xenomorph XX121 from Alien. The eggs above aren’t quite at that kink level, but they do fulfill our need to bring a bit of horny H.R. Giger energy in the bedroom with their futuristic, textured inner sleeve.  


Satisfyer dropped six different eggs with varying internal textures, and all are available in packs of three or a bundle pack of six, so, aside from providing plenty of pleasure-inducing options, you can also cinematically toss them from your balcony to the people like the Saint of Stroking. The toys’ silicone also boasts a skin-like texture that stimulates both the penis shaft and tip, and the material is apparently so soft that it doesn’t even require lube. In the world of strokers, that’s pretty unprecedented. 

$14.95 at Satisfyer

$14.95 at Satisfyer

$27.95 at Satisfyer

$27.95 at Satisfyer

Male sex toys can be notoriously hard to clean (so much so, that we spent a fortnight trawling every tavern on the web to bring you the easiest-to-clean, most highly-rated male sex toys). While we’ve seen a lot of male sex toys, from masturbators that use “centrifugal forced ejaculation enhancement” to a cock ring that has a GoPro, we’re pretty impressed with both the accessibility in price and user experience that Satisfyer’s eggs are offering. Many male strokers and Fleshlights can cost upwards of $100 and sometimes seem a little too high-tech for their own good. Satisfyer’s humble eggs aren’t just a solid stroker for male sex toy beginners (you just slide it on, battery-free, and stroke), but a reminder that sometimes, less is more. 

Satisfyer’s egg masturbators can be purchased here

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