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Wait... We're Not The Biggest Coke Users in the World?

But Australians being the biggest cokeheads while having the shittest, most expensive coke globally was like... our thing.
Arielle Richards
Melbourne, AU
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Douglas Sacha via getty.

First shoeys are smited in the global arena, then our cities get booted off the liveables list, what’s next??? You’re gonna tell me we’re not even the biggest coke heads in the world? Being the biggest blow consumers while having the shittest coke globally was like… our thing. 

A new report from SBS has found that “it’s complicated”.


While the 2023 UN World Drug Report did find Australia and New Zealand were the highest per capita users of cocaine that year, the report also found Australians were “casual users” as opposed to other countries, which had lower per capita rates, but were actually using more frequently. Another hotly referenced data point is Australia's National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program, which samples the toilet water of 27 countries around the world to detect substances. Australia is 18th on this list.

But don’t worry Aussies, according to the wastewater report we are still one of the highest users in the world for one drug, and it’s the most consumed drug per capita in our fair country. Any guesses? It’s Meth.

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