Announcing Our New Sunday Newsletter: This Is Fine.

A weekly look at the highly personal and specific ways we go about improving our days.
December 6, 2018, 6:00pm
Logo for This Is Fine.
Logo by Esme Blegvad.

This Is Fine. is a Sunday newsletter from VICE that will track the highly personal and specific ways we go about improving our days. Every week, a new contributor will write an essay about a single strategy they employ to feel better, alongside original annotations from Sad Girls Club, a supportive community that focuses on mental health, and reflections from readers.

The first essay by Sad Girls Club founder and This Is Fine. contributing editor Elyse Fox will be sent on Sunday, December 9. It offers a look at how Fox dealt with social anxiety at her first corporate job by secretly watching BoJack Horseman at her desk.


Photo of Elyse Fox by Jocko Graves.

Future newsletters include odes to marathon phone calls as a way to get a handle on your life, an examination of how going clubbing showed one contributor that dancing was the key to feeling less self-hatred about her body, and many more methods for feeling decent in a world that can sometimes seem less than kind.

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