Quickies: This Cheesy Chorizo Sandwich Is a Hangover's Best Friend

Quickies: This Cheesy Chorizo Sandwich Is a Hangover's Best Friend

"Oaxaca cheese, chorizo, bread, and some roasted tomatillo salsa all come together so you can stuff your face until you pass out."
May 30, 2017, 8:00pm

In our cooking series Quickies, we invite chefs, bartenders, and other personalities in the world of food and drink who are serious hustlers to share their tips and tricks for preparing quick, creative after-work meals. Every dish featured in Quickies takes under 30 minutes to make, but without sacrificing any deliciousness—these are tried-and-tested recipes for the super-busy who also happen to have impeccable taste.


Mixtli is a tiny, 12-seat restaurant in San Antonio making really excellent regional Mexican food. They use indigenous ingredients and pre-Hispanic techniques, and serve a constantly-changing set menu to one seating per night.

When chefs and co-owners Diego Galicia and Rico Torres stopped through our kitchen, they set the scene as follows: "Right now, it's maybe eleven p.m., and you've maybe had a little bit to drink, maybe the kids are asleep, maybe your woman's ready—maybe. Hey, you gotta catch those windows."

What happens then? Chorizo and Black Bean Molletes, a meaty, cheesy, melty, delicious mess of a sandwich that Galicia claims he "can eat a whole sheet tray" of.

It starts with crusty bread (here baguette) which gets smeared with refried black beans ("you don't want them too smooth; just beat them up a little").

On top of the beans goes chorizo ("Fry it up first so you get those nice little crispy bits. You really want to crisp it up a bit—those are the best parts, where it's super crispy and porky."):

And then ropey threads of Oaxaca cheese:

A quick trip into the oven to melt:

And then some roasted tomatillo salsa:

Finally, onions and cilantro. Galicia: "Instant gratification. Stuff your face, then pass out."

MAKE THIS: Chorizo and Black Bean Molletes