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Oliver and Mighty Mouse Have No Sympathy for the Devil

Nu-disco drama with members of Fool's Gold and DuTonc in the final episode of Deep Thots.

THUMP has teamed up with LA party institution IHEARTCOMIX to create Deep Thots, a weekly talk show filmed at the IHC Sundays pool party at Drai's Hollywood. Hosted by Yung Klout Gang's Brittney Scott and Demonbabies' Lil Lucifer, Deep Thots features your favorite DJ/producers unscripted and totally turnt up.

There's no sympathy for the devil in the final episode of Deep Thots. Fool's Gold's disco & house duo Oliver—made up of DJ Oligee and Vaughn "U-Tern" Oliver—look askance at Lil Lucifer while talking to Brittney about Drake and why funk is a dirty word. British DJ/producer Mighty Mouse (of DuTonc fame) arrives looking like a character from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and proceeds to roast Lucifer over the coals. Meanwhile, L.A.'s Them Jeans talks about stripper buttholes and his DJ style. Oh yeah, and Brittney blacks out.

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