'The Fall: Unbound' Looks Every Bit As Ambitious As We'd Hoped

One of gaming's best sci-fi stories will continue later this year.
April 3, 2017, 6:46pm

The first article I wrote for Waypoint, back when it was called VICE Gaming, was little more than an excuse to talk about The Fall, a thrilling (but darkly disturbing) story about artificial intelligence. Pitched as the start of a series, I've been patiently waiting for any details on the sequel. Today, a story trailer provided our best glimpse yet at where developers Over The Moon are taking The Fall.


It confirms what fans probably already knew—the game has been delayed well outside its intended release at the start of the year—while providing lots of teases.

"Do you have any idea what could happen if an A.I. became unbound?" is the theme of the second episode, which appears to show an A.I. (the player?) on the loose. I'm a little worried about how much combat's featured in the trailer, but marketing is always a little confusing. How much is the combat meant to signal the episode's intent, versus trying to convince newcomers to give the game a try?

At this point, I fully trust Over The Moon to get it right.

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