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Lovehoney’s Nipple Suction Clamps Have Become My Surprise Bedroom Staple

Whether you’re a kink novice or nipple sommelier, Lovehoney’s silicone nipple suckers are one of the best, most affordable travel-sized sex toys.
Lovehoney's Nipple Suction Clamps Review
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When was the last time you licked some nipples? Twisted some teats? Your nips are a goldmine of sensory potential, packing hundreds of nerve endings and endless possibilities for pleasure during foreplay and sex. As sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs explains in this VICE guide to nipple orgasms, some people are able to orgasm on nipple stimulation alone, because your nips are “a hotbed of nerve endings and light up many pleasure pathways” that you may not expect. Plus, just look at them. They’re begging to be pinched. 


If you’re new to nipple play, start with some light licking, sucking, and flicking to see what you and your partner(s) enjoy. Stubbs also suggests trying nipple clamps, which can “restrict and reintroduce the flow of blood to your nipples, giving way to all kinds of sensations,” and speaking from personal experience, I couldn’t agree more. Nipple clamps are kind of like a penis pump for your chest—only, even more portable/easy to take on vacation—and they’ve quickly become a staple of my nightstand drawer. 

There are so many nipple toys and clamps out there, from nip-and-clit combo clamps to non-piercing nipple jewelry, and they’re all worthy of your consideration. But more specifically, I’ve become a major fan of Lovehoney's simple and highly affordable silicone nipple suckers

First impressions

These things look like a 1920s trumpet car horn, feel like the mouth of a gifted lover, and cost under $15. It wasn’t until I recently lost (and found) my set that I experienced the “it’s been you all along” moment of long-overdue, nipple suction appreciation. 

$12.99 at Lovehoney

$12.99 at Lovehoney

Now that I’ve loved and almost lost, I’m here to gas up Lovehoney’s signature nipple suckers so that you, too, can ascend to true nipple sommelier heights. Here’s my honest breakdown of the toy’s specs, from the rad to the tricky to the honk honk awooga.


What was rad

August is summer’s horny swan song. We’re in the last leg of post-park/BBQ/beach hang hook-up season; the final sprint to the “did you finish?” line before cuffing season rolls in, and the time of year when I lighten the load in my slutty everyday carry bag. But one thing I’ll never take out are my silicone nipple clamps, because they 1) are compact, 2) weigh next to nothing, and 3) are an easy way to onboard your hookups to kinkier sex. 

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I don’t remember the first time I used these nipple whisperers, but I do remember the first time I used them with lube over a partner’s chest (and my own). I started by applying my favorite lube from Foria (which smells like Thin Mints) to their penis, trailed it up to their chest, and soft-launched the nipple suckers onto their body by working my way up from their abdomen. The suckers are already pros at heightening my overall sensitivity without lube, but with a little wetness they become horny remoras that allowed for my partner to gently dom me (or vice versa) in a pinch. Post-lube usage, I ordered two more sets to have on hand.

What’s In My Slutty Everyday Carry Bag

Newbies to BDSM/kinky foreplay will also love that they’re less intense than traditional nipple clamps. There are no vices to unscrew or elaborate chains here; just break the seal between silicone and skin, and they pop right off. Post-sex, I’ll even walk the suckers over my partners’ bodies like an amateur cupping therapist for some light, stimulating aftercare. If you can dream it, you can suction it. 

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The most surprising plus of these clamps is their ability to function as… party favors? Friendship/hook-up charms? I’ve started ordering multiple sets because I’ll keep one sucker for myself, and give another to a partner. The result is a horny breadcrumb trail of nipple clamps that you can use to retrace your steps to your lovers. At this very moment, there is a sucker in an apartment above an aquatic pet store in Paris, another on the tray of this alien butler Design Toscano statue in a NYC co-op, and, most recently, one at the house of a dude who saw a picture of my sister on my phone, and excitedly said, “She looks like my therapist.” We no longer smash. Regardless, I think the sucker is a sweet souvenir.  

What was tricky 

… Nothing! No, really. One of the benefits of these nipple suction clamps is that they’re very intuitive to use. Just squeeze them like an old timey car horn when applied to the skin. That being said, folks’ comfort levels with the suckers will vary, so test out the clamps on their arms or thigh before going straight to the nips.  


Whether you’re new to kink or just want a travel-sized sex toy that can soft-launch you into nipple play, Lovehoney’s silicone suckers are a horny pantry staple. They’re easy to use, feel amazing with lube, and have the ability to ignite previously unforeseen stimulation from the tips of your nips to your curled-in-pleasure toes. At just $12.99, they’re a no-brainer for a big nut. 

Learn more about Lovehoney’s silicone nipple suckers here

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