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'Sekiro' Feels Like the Evolution Dark Souls Needs

In this bonus episode of Waypoint Radio, we chat about our first hands-on time with Fromsoft's new ninja game, Patrick's excitement for a follow up to 'Until Dawn,' and, of course, Austin's love of mechs.
Header image courtesy of Activision.

Happy Thursday… and happy BONUS podcast day, too! Yesterday on Twitch, we revived the old "VICE Gaming's New Podcast" format to to talk about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Fromsoft's upcoming ninja-action game), which Austin got about an hour of hands-on time with a couple of weeks ago. Spoilers: With its streamlined focus, It looks and feels like a great next step for the team that brought us Dark Souls and Bloodborne.


But that wasn't our only conversation: We also dig into the announcement of the Dark Pictures Anthology, a new series of short horror games by the creators of Until Dawn, the new Daemon X Machina trailer, and other Gamescom news. We also outline our desire for our futures: To live in an RV, play games on the road, and record podcasts and streams from diners. Please, help us make that dream come true.

As a heads up: This is cleaned up Twitch audio, not our traditional podcast setup. Which means that: 1. There's some more background noise. 2. You'll also hear the audio of the game trailers we're commenting on. This happens a few times, so hopefully it isn't too distracting!

Games Discussed: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Man of Medan (The Dark Pictures Anthology), Daemon X Machina, Cyberpunk 2077, Devil May Cry 5.

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