Everyone in Chicago Seems to Really Hate These Deep-Dish Pizza Baseball Caps

chicago deep dish pizza
Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The New Era 59FIFTY model is the official hat for each team in Major League Baseball, and has been since 1993. But after printing countless interlocking NYs, stylized Boston Bs, and weak-chinned Baltimore Orioles, the Buffalo-based hat manufacturer seems to entertain itself by fucking around with some of MLB's most iconic designs.

Its Team Disturbance collection, for example, has mirrored double-images of each logo, in case you've ever wondered what a Dodgers hat looks like to someone who has suffered a recent head injury. It also has hats that are stitched with some teams' postal service abbreviations and area codes, hats that have crammed each team's logo into an outline of its home state, and dozens of other color combinations and patterns that you'll never see during a game.


But its newly released Team Describe hats seem to have united the fans of some longtime rivals, who have come together to tell the company how much these designs truly suck. This collection stitches a city landmark onto the front of the cap, and then puts some kind of associated food on the back. The hats for both the New York Mets and the Yankees got the Statue of Liberty and an apple, the San Francisco Giants have a cable car and four sushi rolls, while the Houston Astros got a rocket and a "piece of meat." (The one outlier is the Toronto Blue Jays hat, which features the CN Tower and a stylized public transportation map.)

If the internet is any indication, some very specific pissed-offedness was reserved for the hats for the Chicago Cubs and the White Sox, which both have an embroidered Chicago city flag on the front panel, and a brightly colored deep-dish pizza on the back.

The Chicago Tribune called the hats "stereotypical." Steve Dolinsky, the author of Pizza City USA: 101 Reasons Why Chicago is America's Greatest Pizza Town, tweeted that the stitched-on pizza "was a stuffed pie, not a deep dish." And dozens of other Twitter users wondered if the company's designers had "just Googled Chicago food," or had created the hats for the same kind of tourists who come to the city just to eat… deep-dish pizza.

Although social media only gives one side of the story—usually the disproportionately angry side—many of the Twitter responses echoed the same complaints: that Cubs and White Sox hats shouldn't have identical designs; that thin-crust, tavern-style pizza is what locals tend to eat more often; and that New Era should've just gone with a Chicago-style hot dog instead.

If this deep-dish debacle has taught us anything, it's that New Era could've stitched a bright red ribbon of ketchup down the center of that dog, and not a single social media platform would've been equipped for that kind of outrage.

In that case, the deep-dish looks great!