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Pimm's Cup Recipe

Pimm's Cups are the perfect summer drink because they're as lovely to look at as they are to drink. Plus, they make great use of seasonal fruit as garnishes.
Pimm's Cup Recipe

Servings: 1
Prep time: 1 minute
Total time: 1 minute

1 ounce|30 ml Tanqueray N'10
1 ¼ ounce|35 ml Pimm's
¼ ounce|10 ml fresh lemon juice
a splash of Fever-Tree Lemonade

for garnish:
1 strawberry
2 raspberry
1 slice lemon
1 slice orange
2 slices cucumber
1 sprig fresh mint
3 cherries


  1. Fill up a silver mug with ice. Add the gin, Pimm's, and fresh lemon juice.
  2. Top up with lemonade and garnish with fresh fruit (see the list). Add a straw and a stir. Enjoy!

From How to Drink Like Your Grandparents and Enjoy It

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