There's Nothing Destiny Players Love More Than Yet Another Inscrutable Puzzle

A new quest dropped today, and it has shades of the infamous Niobe Labs puzzle.
January 14, 2020, 8:53pm
Screenshot from Destiny 2, three guardians run into a triangular door, the image is completely desaturated because they are in the Corridors of Time
Image courtesy of Bungie

Osiris had a new quest waiting for players at this week’s server reset, but it is unlike any other quest that’s dropped during this season. What looked like an average quest turned out to be the trailhead of a maze with a puzzle at the end, where the Destiny community has currently gotten stuck.

Throughout this season, Destiny players have been connecting ‘Obelisks’ to Osiris’ Sundial, a machine that allowed the player to enter the Corridors of Time and rescue the legendary Titan Saint-14. We haven’t entered the Corridors of Time since those initial missions where they were just your run of the mill combat arenas.

This new quest turns the Corridors of Time into an extensive maze. Each Obelisk has a series of symbols on it that act as a map. If you walk through the corresponding doors in the Corridors of Time, a task that’s taken most of the community a few hours to figure out, you’re met with an even more complicated set of symbols. This is where most of the Destiny community is currently stuck.

The scale of this puzzle reminds me of Niobe Labs, a puzzle that Bungie had to give the answer to due to a glitch and some spotty clues that made it next to impossible for the collective Destiny community to figure out. Things like this puzzle and Niobe Labs are some of the most interesting parts of Destiny 2, I just hope they’ve internalized the lessons from Niobe Labs so that everyone can get a shot at figuring it out for themselves.