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Being Frank: Brazil

The Franks hit Brazil with world-famous chef Alex Atala for a whirlwind tour of the country's amazing eateries, open-air markets, fresh scallops, swimming, beaches, and—of course—pisco.

The Franks hit Brazil for a whirlwind tour led by Alex Atala, one of the world's best and most influential chefs. Starting in São Paulo, the Franks head to Mocotó, a Northeastern-style Brazilian eatery known for it's beef foot stew served with white beans and chorizo.

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To counterbalance all of the eating, Alex takes the Franks to his favorite jiu-jitsu gym for an afternoon sparring session. The following days are filled with open-air markets, Atala-style feasts, fresh scallops, swimming, beaches, and—of course—pisco. This is a "triple A" trip according to the Franks: Action, Alex, and Atala.

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