Hey, Xbox Nerds, This Is Your Reminder to Play 'Nier: Automata'

There is no grand message behind this. It’s on Xbox One now. Play it.
June 28, 2018, 5:09pm
Image courtesy of Square Enix

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Nier: Automata was one of 2017’s best games. The combat isn’t great and, at times, it gets repetitive when you’re playing through it for the second or third time, but I promise it’s totally worth it. I still think about the game’s “true” ending, and eagerly await whatever designer Yoko Taro does next. I'll play whatever. It doesn't matter.


OK, so, Nier: Automata is also, coincidentally out on Xbox One now.

Now, I’ll patiently wait while you work through the 20 hours or so necessary to beat it.

Awesome, right? When Nier: Automata came out, Waypoint was, um, obsessed? Austin and I recorded a spoilercast with Giant Bomb’s Alex Navarro, and we discuss everything.

I also wrote several spoiler-y pieces about the game, including:

And finally, I emailed Yoko Taro a bunch of questions, including asking him about God.

One of the twists in Automata is that humanity has been dead for thousands of years, but because the androids were designed to fight on humanity's behalf, a fake moon colony was designed to emotionally motivate the androids. There's a line where the commander tells 9S that they needed "a god worth dying for." Have you given the concept of god much thought?

It's not about "god" but rather, I often think about how you can't find the reason to live if there's nothing that "you can believe in." We currently find ourselves in the same situation, in which our "self" is dependent on science, numbers, religion, politics, money, work, country, family and those that we love. Just as androids blindly believed in the human kind, I believe that we are also blind to what we believe in.

Hell yeah, Nier: Automata.