Take Pictures of Adorable Bunnies in this XKCD-Inspired Game

'Bun Snap' requires you to have razor sharp powers of observation... for cute bunnies.
December 1, 2017, 5:00pm

Taking pictures of cute things is good. This is a true fact, one of the only piece of objective information that is available to the frail creatures that we call humans in this contingent nightmare world where nature wars upon itself constantly. And, thankfully, you can now play a game that is all about taking those cute pictures. No, not Pokemon Snap. It’s Bun Snap.

A product of the recent XKCD Game Jam, Bun Snap tasks the player with running around a small forest level and taking pictures of the various buns. The comic that the game has taken its inspiration from made it very clear that there are two things one should note when taking pictures of buns. The first is its size, and the second is its rank, which is a function of its size. The tiniest bun is a de facto “King Bun.”

You must find the King Bun! The itty bitty sovereign must be respected, and to be frank, it’s hard as hell to find. It’s small!

All images courtesy BlazingMammothGames

In all seriousness, this is the exact kind of game that I’m loving right now. It takes a very neat idea and executes it perfectly. There is a time limit, and you need to find all the buns (and photograph them) before that time limit runs out. There is a real challenge to finding the buns, and you’re rewarded in the end when the game looks at your pictures and evaluates them one by one. Here’s a tip: you need to get very close to those buns.

You can play Bun Snap in your browser over at itch.io.