Rick Astley Takes Rickrolling IRL With His New Signature Beer

At the very least, we’re pretty certain you wouldn't get these brewskis from any other guy.
January 3, 2017, 11:00pm
Photo via Flickr user m-alo

The vitriolic turbulence of 2016 may indeed have transformed the beloved Pepe the Frog meme into a symbol of hate in the eyes of many, but it looks as though 2017 is already looking up for the meme-sphere.

And all it took was a one-hit wonder from the 80s to capitalize on nostalgia and the ironic popularity he has seen in recent years. That's right, it turns out that internet trolling icon Rick Astley has decided to partner with a Danish brewery to create his own signature beer.

Will it have the staying power of his long beige raincoat? The panache of the ginger flipped hair? The appeal of those high-waisted, light blue mom jeans he sports in the famed video?

The 50-year old pop star has decided to truly never give us up by joining with the Danish brewery Mikkeller to offer drinkers a "fruity pilsner lager."

If you've been wondering what Astley has been doing off the Internet for the last few decades, he married a Danish woman and has a daughter who is studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He has also befriended Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, the founder of Mikkeller brewery in Copenhagen, and released his first album in 11 years, 50, just a few months ago—with great success on the UK charts.

Astley says, "I enjoy a beer with friends and I'm hoping to sell my own brand soon." He has decided on a pilsner-style lager, but it has not yet been named.

While we're happy that the internet-immortalized pop star is finally getting the beer line he so clearly deserves, we can't help but think that the world is being deprived of the brilliant brand synergy that would have been Rolling Rock's Rockin' Rick Roll Roggenbier.

Oh well—at the very least, we're pretty certain you wouldn't get these brewskis from any other guy.