'Project Triangle Strategy' Needs to Lean Less 'Game of Thrones' more 'Crusader Kings'

'Project Triangle Strategy' may only be a demo at the moment, but it makes a strong first impression.
Image courtesy of Nintendo

There are a lot of choices you have to make when creating a game in a different time. One of the traps that devs can run into is using old words or archaic spellings in their dialogue; a few sprinkled in for flavor can help sell the type of story you’re telling, but overuse will make the story feel cliche. Project Triangle Strategy, a new Tactical RPG announced by Nintendo, falls into this trap, but then does something surprising with it’s narrative structure.


Where many RPGs through history have touted branching narrative paths, few have been able to deliver truly divergent gameplay branches and will use the same locations and battles with different dialogue to mark your influence on the narrative. With its demo, Project Triangle Strategy proposes a wildly more interesting path, a branching narrative that drastically changes your playthrough, fulfilling that often oversold pitch of “your choices matter.” Is this level of difference enough to pull us through an otherwise rote story? We discuss Project Triangle Strategy’s demo and more on this episode of Waypoint Radio.

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