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A Man Jammed a Ring on His Penis for Valentine's. It Didn't Go Well.

He wanted her to like it, so he put a ring on it.
February 18, 2021, 9:47am
man in distress
Photo: Road Trip with Raj, courtesy of Unsplash

Valentine’s Day is known for lovers suddenly being extra and performing ridiculously extravagant gestures to overcompensate when it comes to impressing their partners. But this man might’ve taken it a bit too far. 

A man in Thailand had to be rushed to the emergency room after an attempt to enlarge his penis ahead of a Valentine’s Day date by putting a ring around it resulted in it swelling up painfully. However, he didn’t get help immediately but chose to remain in this condition for close to two days, after which medics had to use industrial-grade bolt-cutters to separate his dick from the ring.

The unnamed Bangkok resident told emergency services that he tried this DIY penis enlargement hack in preparation for a V-Day date he was really looking forward to. Since he’d heard that rings could have the desired engorging effect by forcing blood into the glands, he looked into his toolkit and found a three centimetre-wide nut that he thought was suitable for the unique grooming technique. On February 12, he used baby oil to help the nut slide easily around his dick, but soon began facing issues. By the next day, it had swelled up, and not in a good way, causing him excruciating pain.

Finally, when it became clear he had gotten too big to be able to make it to the big date, he called emergency services on February 14. “I was terrified that I would need my penis amputated. It had swollen so much that I thought it would burst,” The Sun quoted the man as saying.


It took an hour, and a wide array of tools, for paramedics to help him. They used a hand-held steel tool, a pair of pliers, and a thin metal sheet, which they slid under the ring to avoid causing any damage to his skin. He was given antibiotics and anti-inflammatory cream to control the swelling, even as he cried tears of pain and joy after having been set free from the grasp of the ring. 

“This was one of the strangest cases we have ever encountered,” said Winai Pong, one of the rescuers. Most ring-related mishaps on Valentine’s Day usually revolve around someone choking on a ring they’ve been sneakily proposed to with, or having a ring stuck around their finger, so it came as a shock for them to arrive at the man’s house, only to find the ring stuck around his penis.

“We knew that cutting the nut wouldn't be a problem, as we used the same technique with finger rings, but we were just worried about the pain the man would be experiencing while removing it,” the rescuer said. The operation was successful though, and doctors ruled out any permanent damage. They added that his penis would function normally in a few weeks’ time.

Cock rings are a popular sex toy for those with a penis. They help constrict the blood flow to the penis to keep it harder for longer, also making it seem slightly bigger in the process. However, these are tailor-made for such experiments, using safe materials like expandable plastic or metals, that ensure you don’t need emergency medical help to take them off. 

But as it turns out, many people are unaware of their existence, and end up paying the price for trying unsafe stunts that often land them in trouble. In January 2020, a 40-year-old Mumbai resident almost died after getting his penis stuck in a three millimetre ring, and needed aid from not only doctors, but also the public works department to help save his life. It got stuck there while he was playing around to enhance pleasure, on a friend’s suggestion. Too embarrassed to tell his family, the man, who is married, kept it to himself for a week, until it got too painful to stay silent about. In March 2017, a Malaysian man in his 20s also underwent a painful ordeal when a ball-bearing metal ring got stuck on his penis for more than 12 hours, needing firefighters to come to his rescue.

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