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Listen to the New VICE Gaming Podcast—It’s a Legend of Zelda Special

With guests Simon Miller and Holly Nielsen discussing retro adventures, 'Twilight Princess,' and future fantasies.

Zelda illustration by Stephen Maurice Graham

The third episode of the VICE Gaming Podcast is a Legend of Zelda special, what with Nintendo's famous action role-playing series celebrating its 30th anniversary in February 2016.

1986's original The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System was unlike anything that had come before it. It placed you in the shoes of Link, a young boy with only a shield in his hand and a limited sense of direction, and asked simply that you got on with it. Go, lad, to wherever your feet may take you. No arrow flashing at the top of the screen, directing you a certain way. Do visit the cave to the north, immediately—it's still amazing how many players don't grab a sword at the first time of asking. It is dangerous to go alone.


Soon enough, Link's exploring dungeons and overcoming bosses on his way to freeing the kingdom from the threat of the evil Ganon. And just like that, a substantial body of lore was set, one that's underpinned so many more Zelda games to follow the series' debut.

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Two special guests join VICE Gaming editor (and something of a Zelda know-nothing) Mike Diver for this episode. Holly Nielsen is a freelance gaming journalist for The Guardian, Sky News, and more, and can be heard alongside Gamespot's Kate Gray presenting the Toku Podcast. She really loves Zelda. Alongside her is Simon Miller of, a fantastically muscular man whose Miller Report internet infamy can't mask his almighty affections for the wee Hero of Time.

Listen, keenly, as we recall our first encounters with the Zelda series, from 8bit experiences through to N64 and GameCube classics. As we move on to Twilight Princess, about to receive an HD remaster for the Wii U to mark its tenth birthday (released on March 4). And as we finish by discussing our hopes, our dreams, for the Zelda franchise moving forwards. What potential is there for further crossover games? What will this eagerly anticipated entry for the Wii U—and maybe the NX, too?—actually be like? Is it okay to want a Zelda title that is, basically, The Witcher 3 in Hyrule? Can Zelda get sexy?

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