Make Action Bronson's Szechuan-Style Honey-Glazed Ribs
Photo by Farideh Sadeghin

Make Action Bronson's Szechuan-Style Honey-Glazed Ribs

If these sweet, spicy, smoky, juicy ribs are good enough for Action Bronson, you know they're gonna be delicious.
January 18, 2018, 8:00pm

Why make regular old ribs when you can make Szechuan honey-glazed ribs? Especially when they are this ridiculously easy to make.

Do you need an outdoor grill? No. Do you need a ton of obscure ingredients? No. Do you need a grandmother from the province of Sichuan in southwest China to teach you the secret family recipe? No.

None of the above.

RECIPE: Szechuan and Honey-Glazed Ribs

All you need is to do is to follow our two-step recipe, and your Chinese takeout budget will drop to heretofore unknown levels. Plus, your family and friends will be absurdly impressed.

Leave it to Action Bronson—he was born and raised in Flushing, Queens, where Szechuan ribs are as common as Big Macs are on the I-90.

This first appeared on MUNCHIES in February 2017.