• Crab Fried Rice Recipe

    Crisp grains of leftover rice, then allow them to soak up a simple and flavorful crab curry of tamarind, coconut milk, and a mix of curry powders in this Sri Lankan-Chinese recipe.

  • Kubbeh Halab Recipe

    Enrobe a spiced lamb ragu in saffron-infused rice, then deep-fry until golden and serve with a tangy raisin romesco sauce in this essential Middle Eastern recipe.

  • Dal Tadka Recipe

    Cook red lentils until creamy, then pour on spices and chilies toasted in clarified butter to amplify this comforting Indian dish.

  • Cooking Fried Chicken ‘Like a Steak’ With Butter’s Julian Cincotta

    “In the first year, Post Malone came out. He just came in and sat here and he’s like, ‘Man, thank you so much. That chicken was amazing."

  • Fish Tacos Recipe

    Crunchy, vodka-battered fried fish is eternally flawless enveloped by homemade, fresh corn tortillas and topped with a vibrant slaw and fresh salsa.

  • Vietnamese Curry and Fried Chicken Recipe

    Brine and marinate chicken, then bread and fry it until epically craggy and crunchy before dunking it in an aromatic, warming bowl of curry in this triumphant Vietnamese duet.

  • Laarb Recipe

    Season hand-cut lamb loin with an aromatic, nuanced toasted seasoning paste, then serve with sesame crackers, showered with fresh herbs, pine nuts and fried shallots in this Thai salad.

  • Budae Jjigae 부대찌개 (Korean Army Stew) Recipe

    Use an anchovy and kombu-infused stock to cook the ultimate fusion stew, which features American ingredients introduced during the Korean War such as Spam, hot dogs, and canned tuna.

  • Handheld Chicken Pot Pies Recipe

    Slow-cook a whole chicken until super tender, then use it to make a sumptuous pot pie filling wrapped up in flaky paratha for the perfect on-the-go snack.

  • Chili Oil Noodles Recipe

    Infuse clarified brown butter with aromatics and Szechuan peppercorns, then use it to build a super savory, glossy sauce to coat chewy noodles.

  • Easy Shrimp Toast Recipe

    Fry thick slices of toast coated with a shrimp and scallion mixture until crunchy and golden, then serve topped with a vibrant cucumber salad and two sweet and spicy condiments in this Thai-inspired ode to the dim sum favorite.

  • Can You Actually Survive Foraging Your Own Food? I Tried It

    As the cost of living crisis bites, how solid an option is finding your own food?