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It's Father's Day, so You Should Watch Babes' New Video "Dad" and Get Nostalgic About Being a Kid

Growing up is hard.
June 15, 2014, 6:13pm

Growing up is hard. When you're little, your dad is there to take care of you and hang out with you and teach you about life. He's a friend and a role model. Then suddenly you get older and you have to deal with everything on your own, even though you still feel like a little kid, and you're pretty sure you're not equipped to deal with anything on your own. And that sucks.

Fortunately, you're not alone in feeling that way, and now Los Angeles band Babes has the perfect video to channel the vibes. The song is called "Dad," and it's a lush dream pop nostalgia trip about all that weird growing up stuff with a perfect video to drive the point home. Look at that little kid stuck in an adult's body! Look at him being adorable with his dad in that old VHS tape! That is really, really real. "We have Daddy issues. Sorry Dad," the band explains. Anyway, you should probably call your dad. Well, watch the video above, and then call your dad. Maybe you can invite him to go see Babes with you if he lives in one of the cities on their tour, the dates of which are below. Happy Father's Day!


Video credits:

Elise Holowicki - Director
Jordan Black- Director of Photography
Eric Medina- Editor

Tour dates:

06.14.14 - Chinatown Summer Nights
06.19.14 - Santa Barbara at Soho Restaurant and Music Club W/ SKW
06.28.14 - Los Angeles at Viper Room W/ The Donkeys
06.30.14 - Las Vegas at Container Park W/ Gold & Youth
07.01.14 - Fullerton at The Slidebar W/ Rusty Maples
07.23.14 - Las Vegas at Downtown Container Park
08.16.14 - Echo Park Rising at The Echo


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