With 'The Insider' Michael Mann Created a Different Kind of Crime Epic

The master of the "dudes rock" crime procedural took on corporate malfeasance and journalistic malpractice and made them as gripping as any shootout.
Titlescreen from The Insider - A watch set in the style of the 60 Minutes opening ticks behind the title "The Insider"
Image courtesy of Touchstone Films

When beginning Mannhunting, Rob offered a hypothesis that (barring The Keep) almost any of Mann's films pre-Public Enemies could be credibly argued to be his Best Work. Now, one movie past the highly regarded Heat, the Mannhunters are in a position to put that theory to the test. Join as Alex Navarro, Dia Lacina, and Rob take to the airwaves with Mann's drama about 60 Minutes, a tobacco industry whistleblower, and corporate power over news media.


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