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The Drunk Bros of Santacon Explain How to Get Girls

In this festive episode of Ask a Bro, host Lauren Oyler gets into the holiday spirit with the bros of New York's most obnoxious, drunken Christmastime event: Santacon.
December 21, 2015, 3:00pm

In this episode of Ask a Bro, host Lauren Oyler gets an exclusive look at one of the most notoriously obnoxious—and bro-heavy—manifestations of the Christmas spirit: Santacon. Although the event's organizers have been press-shy in the past, this year was different.

Broadly was able to embed with Santa's elves to find out what really compels hundreds of 22-year-old men to suit up in Walgreen's Santa costumes and get day-drunk in public. Wary of harassment and suspicious of the day's unseasonably warm temperatures, Lauren entered the mob of drunk, shouting Santas hoping to test their Christmas knowledge and find out what makes them tick. What's the true meaning of Santacon? Is a Santa costume a surefire way to meet Mrs. Claus? Is climate change a threat to the American way of Christmastime pub crawls? And can anyone name all of Santa's reindeer?