This Italian Combo Sandwich Will Make You a Hero


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This Italian Combo Sandwich Will Make You a Hero

The only rule is that everything has to be razor thin.

This is a recipe is the broadest sense of the word.

A proper italian combo sandwich is greater than the sum of its parts; a spicy, oily, crunchy offering to the sandwich gods. There's a careful ratio of flavors and textures here that and Pizza Show host (and Best Pizza owner) Frank Pinello takes very seriously.

If you don't have an industrial-grade meat slicer lying around, just go down to your neighborhood Italian grocery store and ask the meats guy to cut everything thin. Super fucking thin. Actually, don't ever use that kind of language in a neighborhood Italian grocery store. Just get the meats listed here, or whatever else you want in your sandwich, and politely pay cash and leave.

RECIPE: Italian Combo Sandwich

Just make sure that all of your ingredients are paper thin in order to air contact and surface area. That makes it taste better. It's science, bro.