These Ghanaian Dumplings Are Deep-Fried Perfection

These Ghanaian Dumplings Are Deep-Fried Perfection

Made with grated cassava and fried until crisp and golden, you’re Ghana want to make these.
May 4, 2017, 10:42am

No matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to find a dumpling. In Japan? Get your chopsticks around a gyoza. Tibet? Go for a momo. Uzbekistan has its manti, Poland the pierogi, and China a multitude of pork-stuffed and sesame seed-flecked parcels of goodness. There doesn't seem to be a food culture out there that hasn't created its own version of the bitesize snack.

Ghana is no different, as we found out when we cooked with British Ghanaian chef Zoe Adjonyoh. She shared her recipe for cassava dumplings, which she calls "one of Ghana's favourite savoury snacks."

RECIPE: Cassava Dumplings (Agbeli Kaklo)

It's easy to see why. Known in Fanti as agbeli kaklo ("agbeli" is the indigenous name for cassava and "kaklo" means fried), these deep-fried cassava balls make a perfect starter or side dish when served with fresh coconut. The grated cassava is mixed with sliced onion and red rocket chillies before being fried, giving the finished dumps a totally addictive spice-infused bite.

We dare you not to eat the whole batch.