4X Games Should Have a "Skip to DLC" Button

Sometimes you just want to see what’s new without revisiting the old.
Screenshot from Stellaris:Nemesis, A fleet of ships fly in formation with a few plan
Image courtesy of Paradox Interactive

When you see a game categorized as a “4X” game, you can reasonably assume it will have a high playtime amongst its fans. Though many modern games aim to become a given gamer’s “forever game,” from its inception the 4X genre was synonymous built with replayability in mind. Each new campaign gave you completely new paths and obstacles on the way to victory. Given this, when any 4X game reaches 5 years of release, 5 years of fans playing through a myriad of different scenarios and finding the edges of replayability, any DLC that changes mid or end game can feel like a slog to find, regardless of how well tuned the early game is by this point. Of course, not everyone will feel this way, but for those that do, wouldn’t it be nice to have a “jump to DLC” button or a pre-made save that will place you right where the new content is? We discuss the new Stellaris expansion, Stellaris: Nemesis, and more on this episode of Waypoint Radio.


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