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Moon Juice’s New ‘Mini Dew’ Drink Is Like Aesthetic, Adult Gatorade

Hey there, Deadheads, dehydrated hotties, and overworked people—Moon Juice’s new “Mini Dew” is like a cold plunge for your brain.
Moon Juice Launches Mini Dew Wellness Supplement
Photo Courtesy of Moon Juice

The last time I was hungover, I peeled myself off the bathroom floor to sip a Pedialyte and thought, “Wow. I feel like a big, sad baby.” It’s really weird that the options for hydration and electrolyte-filled drinks are either aesthetically sad goo-goo gaga beverages like Pedialyte, or the old standby Gatorade (which, sure, is fine if you’re someone with no soccer practice trauma). But it’s 2023, folks. Where are the hydration powders for hot, tax-paying adults with linen duvet covers and nice olive oil? Is it so much to ask for a hydration powder that isn’t loaded with sugar, tastes refreshing, and looks inoffensive—maybe even chic—on our kitchen counter? 


That’s where one of our fave LA-hot-person wellness brands Moon Juice comes in with its latest offering, Mini Dew, which comes in a sleek amber glass jar that rivals some of my favorite bougie candles. More importantly, it’s also designed to help cranky water drinkers (such as myself) to hydrate and reduce “brain fog.” 

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 1.53.13 PM.png

Photo: Courtesy of Moon Juice

In full disclosure, I have been a Moon Juice stan for some time. I reviewed the brand’s aphrodisiac Sex Dust for VICE earlier this year, and found that the supplement’s blend of maca, horny goat weed, and shatavari made me feel not only hornier but more relaxed—creative, even—after a month of mixing it into my morning coffee. (Was it the placebo effect? Maybe. But there is a lot of promising research out there about the benefits of these Ayurvedic, and generally non-Western supplements.) 

But back to Mini Dew. As Moon Juice explains on its website, Mini Dew functions as a two-in-one supplement with electrolytes and minerals for hydration and brain function, and includes “microplastic-free pink salt electrolyte [that] support optimal hydration by maintaining water balance in and around cells.” 

$44 at Moon Juice

$44 at Moon Juice

According to Moon Juice, “90% of the US has a mineral imbalance or deficiency and 75% are chronically dehydrated, which can manifest as brain fog and fatigue.” Aside from being sugar-free and using natural sweeteners and coloring (like organic stevia leaf and beetroot extract) to create a drink mix that tastes and looks like watermelon juice (nice), Mini Dew also incorporates ionic trace minerals (think, zinc, cobalt, copper, iodine, and iron) that have been shown in studies to serve as essential aspects of healthy brain function (and improve it), as well as even help fight dementia. 

As someone who has tailgated at a lot of Dead and Co. shows, that sounds pretty nice to me. 

Purchase Mini Dew at Moon Juice.

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