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the holy trinity issue

The Holy Trinity Issue Hath Descended

The heavens rejoice as The Holy Trinity Issue is now upon us.
March 9, 2012, 5:00am

The heavens rejoice as The Holy Trinity Issue is now upon us. Apparently this fine specimen of modern media has "streeted" early in New York City, which has had the unforeseen effect of hundreds of DILDO stickers being stuck to appropriate and inappropriate surfaces across the city. "Why was a DILDO sticker affixed to our cover?" you may ask. Well, due to the United States Postal Service's disgusting and ambiguous censorship policy, we were forced to obscure the very realistic-looking fake penis that graces the March issue’s cover conceived by Italian art superstars Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

A bit of context for the ignorant: Mr. Cattelan—arguably the most celebrated and hated artist in the world at the moment—recently “retired” from the art world following his carousel-like retrospective at the Guggenheim that concluded in late January. VICE is pleased as punch to publish his first post-retirement work, executed in collaboration with Mr. Ferrari. Together the duo publish the biannual zine Toilet Paper, from which the corresponding interior spread (which will be featured on this website come Monday morn) was cherry-picked like a glistening virgin in 100 feet of stark-white snow. A sneak peek, if you will.

While we cannot condone such behavior, the proverbial cock is out of the bag and we've already documented dozens of DILDO sticker sightings from the poshest neighborhood in Manhattan to the most dilapidated structures of Coney Island. If you happen to see the stickers in New York—or anywhere else—we ask that you send documented proof to

Inside the issue you will also find an amazing black-and-white fashion shoot by renowned Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden that depicts grisly crime scenes throughout the shadiest neighborhoods of NYC. Readers will also delight in a feature about four Western journalists in Lebanon spending an evening paintballing with members of the infamous Hezbollah. In addition, contributor Kara Crabb writes about her experience pretending to have cerebral palsy for a day, and we interview secret society enthusiast and author Adam Parfrey about the release of his upcoming book Ritual America: Secret Brotherhoods and Their Influence on American Society. As always, we will be rolling the entire glorious issue out piece by piece, day by day, throughout the month. If screens aren't your thing, check here for places to pick up a physical copy of the mag (and a DILDO sticker).