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The Happiness Issue

The Joy of Porn

Remember the totally amazing sex you had as a teenager? Well, you'll never have anything like it again.
December 1, 2003, 12:00am

Courtesy of Daniel Silverstein Gallery

That sex you had as a teenager, that totally new and amazing discovery sex? Remember that? Well, you’ll never have anything like it again. First of all, you already have hair in weird places and calluses. Secondly, you’ve done it all. Being playful is one thing, but how many times can you “spontaneously” cum on someone’s face or give a rim job without even knowing that those are things? The next best thing to that thrilling early usage of your parts is looking at pictures of hot young people getting it on, especially when you’re allowed to call it high art. Tracy Nakayama is a Hawaii-born Brooklyn dweller who makes sexy paintings of nubile hippie-ish youngsters sucking, fucking and frolicking. It’s all a lot of fun, not to mention pretty and horny-making. “The source pictures for my paintings include secret Polaroids I take and pages from weird sex cult magazines from the 60s and 70s,” says Tracy. “I have a ton of great porn with kids on acid, wild celebrations and free love. Most guys I know are convinced that they’re in my work plus or minus a moustache, but the inspiration is really whatever turns me on.” It’s also important that you know that this isn’t supposed to be porn, OK? Tracy says, “I think ladies need to be able to talk about sex and the stuff that turns them on and be taken seriously. And you know, my work is super-tame, but without being too cutesy. It’s obviously not porn (though you could easily jerk off to it). I like to call it art for the practicing heterosexual.”