Monthly Horoscope: Aries, October 2023

Welcome to Libra season, dear Aries!

The sun in Libra lights up the relationship sector of your chart, making it an exciting time to connect with people! You could be meeting someone new or connecting with established partners in new ways. You may learn something profound about someone else’s perspective. Aries sometimes has a reputation for being the “me first” type, but fair give-and-take, collaboration, and sharing are all highlighted themes for you at the moment. And, for most Aries, being their partner’s hero (or anyone’s hero, really) is quite satisfying! Being a team player is how you can achieve that, especially this month, Aries. 


Scheduling mishaps might take place as Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces on October 2, so keep your plans flexible! Details could get confused and there may be a general vibe of laziness in the atmosphere. Communication improves as Mercury connects with Pluto in Capricorn on October 3, and a fantastic career opportunity may arise! The buzz about you is very strong at this time. Juicy information might also be shared. Mercury enters Libra on October 4, also helping communication along: Your partners may be especially chatty and eager to share their ideas with you! If you’ve been waiting to hear from someone, or just interested in learning more about a person in your life, this can be a productive time to check in and say hi.

Your ruling planet Mars in Libra squares off with Pluto, and Venus enters Virgo, on October 8. A partner of yours could find themselves in a power struggle as Mars squares off with Pluto. If they are jealous of your career or popularity, perhaps the power struggle is with you! If so, bringing in an unbiased third party to help mediate could be a good solution—outside perspective can help everyone!


If your partner’s frustration is directed elsewhere, you can be supportive by not belittling their anger (it’s a normal human emotion, after all!), and encouraging them to slow down and think about the long-term implications of any actions they are considering. Create a safe space for them to vent, and encourage them to take the high road with any decisions they’re making. Venus entering Virgo could bring a calming atmosphere to your day-to-day routine. Sharing responsibilities with partners comes easily at this time, and a cheerful energy flows at your day job or as you go about your daily chores. 

Venus opposes Saturn in Pisces and Pluto ends its retrograde on October 10, which can find you setting important limits around your availability and inspire you to explore new career opportunities. Venus might be the planet of love, but its opposition to Saturn isn’t a romantic one… that said, this alignment could be fantastic for saying no to something you don’t want to do! Venus in Virgo inspired a helpful atmosphere—but you don’t have to, and probably can’t, say yes to every request for your time and energy that comes your way! It’s OK, and important, to set limits. Pluto ending its retrograde in Capricorn finds you reflecting on themes like power and success, and you’re also learning about new opportunities to expand your influence. 


Your ruling planet Mars enters Scorpio on October 12, finding you decisively, confidently cutting ties with the past! You may be resolving a financial issue at this time, perhaps settling a debt. Mars in Scorpio isn’t afraid to burn a bridge. While it’s unlike you to hold a grudge or cut people off, if there is a person or situation you’re feeling totally done with, Mars in Scorpio can find you ready to say goodbye. Again, setting limits is a theme this month!

Mars aligns with Saturn on October 13, helping you feel very supported in your decisions. A feeling of protection or security is in the atmosphere at this time; it’s a wonderful moment to create a safe, private space for yourself, away from outside noise. This place doesn’t have to be somewhere far and secluded—it could be your own bedroom! You can create this sense of privacy and safety by determining times each day when you’ll silence your notifications and be unavailable to everyone except yourself and your closest loved ones.

A solar eclipse in Libra takes place on October 14, marking the beginning of a radical fresh start in your relationships. The shifts that take place at this time could have a destined feeling about them! You might be meeting someone new, or you and a partner could be renewing your commitment to each other or otherwise entering a new phase in your relationship. Things might be completely different after this eclipse is over! Change is exciting, but it can be scary, too. Approaching things as a team can feel especially supportive and powerful at this time. 


The sun meets Mercury, and Mercury squares off with Pluto, on October 20. The sun’s meeting with Mercury can find you connecting with a new person to team up with, perhaps romantically, creatively, or professionally. A new conversation begins between you and an established partner. New discussions are inspiring and can mark the start of a new dynamic in a relationship, but at this time, some conversations might be heavy due to Pluto being in the mix. Mercury in Libra is all about being polite and tactful, but Mercury square Pluto could find us saying things that are a little intense or a little too real. This alignment calls us to skip the BS and get down to business. We might have to say something difficult to express, or hear something that’s hard to take, but the honest truth needs to come out. 

Egos clash as the sun squares off with Pluto on October 21, and again, you might find yourself being the rock for a frustrated, agitated partner. If their frustration is focused on you, bringing in a third party to help sort things out could be productive. Someone’s sneaky side might be revealed at this time, and you don’t need anyone in your life like that, so if that’s the case, now can be an important time to call it out and set boundaries.

Venus aligns with Jupiter in Taurus, Mercury enters Scorpio, and Mercury connects with Saturn, all on October 22. Venus’s connection with Jupiter might bring a very special gift your way! Financial blessings may arrive. A romantic mood is in the air, too, and you and a lover can connect on a deep, sensual level.


Mercury enters Scorpio, which can help financial negotiations along. And in your love life, Mercury in Scorpio finds you and your partners having productive discussions about money, shared resources, and your responsibilities to one another. Mercury’s connection with Saturn bodes well for making commitments and discussing the future. You might feel unsure about what you want, and may not want things to be set in stone yet, but your partners can be understanding of this at this time, and flexible plans can be drawn to create a feeling of security about where things are heading without limiting other possibilities.

Scorpio season begins on October 23, which can find you focused on your finances in a big way, especially when it comes to issues like money you share with partners, debts, taxes, or inheritances. Making plans regarding these issues comes easily as the sun connects with Saturn on October 24. The lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 could bring a big climax to a financial discussion that’s been taking place! Negotiations could come to a close. Maybe you’re getting a raise, raising your rates, or approaching money in a new way. Some sort of resolution is found, or new information comes to light.

You might be selling or acquiring something of great importance to you at this time. Big emotions about money, safety, comfort, and security surface. Themes like self-worth and feeling valued may also arise at this time. Mars and Mercury sit opposite Jupiter during this eclipse, so grand gestures could be made! Some exaggerations might take place, too, so if something sounds too good to be true, trust your instincts. Mercury meets Mars on October 29, speeding up discussions about money. You might quickly leave a conversation if the details are not adding up to your liking, or an agreement could be made quickly! 

Unexpected support arrives, and a tricky problem could find a brilliant solution as Venus aligns with Uranus in Taurus on October 31. A surprising gift might come your way, too. Uranus is all about the unexpected, and with Venus being the planet of pleasure, their alignment bodes well for experimentation, adventure, and amusing surprises.

Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in November!