This Easy, Perfect Pizza Dough Has Just 5 Ingredients


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This Easy, Perfect Pizza Dough Has Just 5 Ingredients

We got Best Pizza owner and The Pizza Show host Frank Pinello to share his recipe for classic pizza dough.
November 5, 2016, 3:00pm

Frank Pinello is the owner of Best Pizza in Brooklyn, which offers a modern take on old-school New York by-the-slice pie but with an emphasis on high-quality ingredients.

As the host of The Pizza Show, Pinello went on a pizza pilgrimage with MUNCHIES to expand both his culinary horizons and his waistline. That pizza quest took him from to New York to New Haven to Chicago, and even to South Korea, in an attempt to understand America and the world's pizza subcultures.

RECIPE: Pizza Dough

But Pinello remains a Brooklyn boy through-and-through, and he undisputedly makes one of the best slices in the borough. For that reason, we're sharing his recipe for classic pizza dough.

Frank's pizza dough recipe is incredibly easy, and calls for only five ingredients—one of which is water. After a few minutes of kneading, you will have a blank canvas to create as exotic, or homely, a pizza as you wish.

So save some money on delivery pizza and make a pizza that's even better than the real thing, ideally while watching The Pizza Show: