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We Discover the True Cost of a Dollar Burger on the New Episode of 'VICE' on HBO

Watch the trailer for this Friday's episode from season four of our HBO show, airing March 4 at 11PM.

This Friday, March 4, HBO will air another episode from season four of VICE's Emmy-winning show. Last week, we explored the fight to cure blindness and the corporate takeover of the marijuana industry. This week, we investigate two major agricultural issues—the toll that meat production takes on the environment and the continuing depletion of our global water supply.

Reporter Isobel Yeung travels to the feedlots, farms, and slaughterhouses where our meat is made to understand how cutting corners to bring down market prices and increase demand can lead to environmental catastrophes.

Then, Vikram Gandhi travels to California's once-abundant farmland and the heart of São Paulo's reservoir system to assess the depths of the global water crisis and find out what can be done to reverse it.

Watch a trailer for Friday's episode above, and keep an eye out for the rest of season four, airing every Friday night at 11 PM, exclusively on HBO.

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