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Popkulturens besættelse af smukke, psykisk syge kvinder har dybe historiske rødder

Siden Victoriatiden – hvor "hysterikere" på anstalter blev tvunget til at klæde sig ud og optræde som Ofelia – er den psykisk syge kvinde blevet forherliget som noget smukt og mystisk.
Bethy Squires
Social Media

The Cathartic Doom of Existential Dread Twitter

In an age of constant misery and creeping fascism, Twitter accounts like Kim Kierkegaardashian, Medieval Death Bot, and Nihilist Arby's give a deadpan voice to our deepest fears.
Bethy Squires

What Our Obsession with Tragic, Beautiful, Mentally Ill Women Says About Us

Since the Victorian days—where "hysterics" confined in institutions were forced to dress and act like Ophelia—mental illness in women has wrongly been framed as something beautiful and unknowable.
Bethy Squires

How White Women Are Responsible for the Confederate Monuments We Have Today

Because their interests were seen as apolitical, white women in the South were able to advance an insidious, racist agenda long after the Civil War had ended.
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For Trans People, Changing Your ID to Match Your Gender Is a Nightmare

From transphobic clerks to requirements that are constantly changing, the process is confusing at best and dangerous at worst.
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It's Been Almost 100 Years and Women Still Don't Have the Tampons We Deserve

From rubber belts to hymen hysteria, the history of tampons is a reflection of the uphill battle for women's rights.
Bethy Squires

Mount Rushmore's Extremely Racist History

Following the growing movement to take down Confederate statues in the US, right-wing media have rhetorically asked if Mount Rushmore is next. But given that its history is deeply entwined with white supremacy, is that such an absurd question?
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sexual assault

Why Do We Still Have Laws that Say It's Not Rape Unless the Victim Fights Back?

In states like Alabama, outdated "earnest resistance" laws that require assault victims to fight back are still on the books.
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campus rape

Survivors of Campus Rape Plead with DeVos to Protect Their Rights

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos met with rape survivors—and groups who dismiss rape survivors' claims—to help inform her decision on whether or not to amend Title IX protections for victims of campus sexual assault.
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sexual assault

Survivors See Cosby Mistrial as Evidence for Why Women Don't Report Assault

After Bill Cosby's trial ended in a mistrial on Saturday, survivors and advocates point to fundamental issues in the judicial system that prevent sexual assault victims from seeing justice.
Bethy Squires

The Gender Binary Is a Dumb, but Relatively New Concept

Men and women used to be considered members of the same "essential sex." What happened?
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What Your Favorite Fictional TV Couples Would Be Like in Bed

Is Homer as compatible with Marge as he is with donuts?
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