Charlotte Kamin

  • My Quest to Find the Holy Grail of Cheeses Wasn't Easy

    Being violently hungover is a difficult way to start a road trip, but I set out on an adventure through the the Pyrenees to find some of the greatest cheeses in the world.

  • If You Ask Me, the Fancy Food Show Is a Fancy Shit Show

    What started off as a food fair of sorts way back in the early 1900s—when exotic ingredients such as tiger and elephant were presented to the masses of newly “gourmet”-minded consumers—has devolved into a full-on circle jerk of industry folks flaunting...

  • The Pyrenees Is a Wonderland of Sheep and Cheese

    Big corporations making Istara or Petit Basque want to sell you the vibe of the Pyrenees, but I call BS. It’s like the difference between Audrey Hepburn and Kim Kardashian.

  • Blue Cheese Burgers Are Better Than a One-Night Stand

    Sure, there might be nothing as good and nostalgic as a rubbery slice of Kraft American Singles (seriously, no judgment here), but let's talk about upping the game a little, shall we? Let's talk about the blue cheese burger.

  • I Got Plastered at the Cheese Rave

    Each year at the Cheesemonger Invitational, my colleagues come together to celebrate their knowledge of and love for all things dairy. But when the lights go out, it always deteriorates into a good old-fashioned bender.

  • Burrata Will Leave You Drooling in a Pool of Satisfaction

    Translating to “buttery” in Italiano, burrata is a gooey, buttery mess of a cheese that will leave you feeling like a quivering virgin who just got impaled by a young Brando.