Josh Androsky

Josh Androsky

  • A Comedian Traveled the Mississippi River on a Jet Ski

    Kurt Braunohler is the closest thing we have to a real life Willy Wonka, a whimsical eccentric who uses his resources to better the day of the average citizen in the most ridiculous way possible. In this case, he jet skied down the Mississippi for...

  • We Asked Comedian Ron Funches What Happens When You Die

    We asked comedian Ron Funches—he of NBC's Undateable, Kroll Show, @midnight, and a bunch of other cool shit—what happens when you die. In between philosophical musings, we chatted about Pokémon and whether or not his show is coming...

  • Appropriating Team USA

    Growing up, real football was for Americans and soccer was for people who spoke other languages while doing jobs with their hands. We've appropriated everything they owned, why not gentrify our own damn soccer team?

  • Why You Should Be Glad Eric Cantor Lost His Primary

    Eric Cantor wasn't just some right-wing congressman. He allegedly had ties to corruption, stood in the way of tech funding because he didn't understand it, and was one of the architects of the government shutdown. It's good that he's fucking off.

  • Comedians React to David Letterman's Retirement

    David Letterman announced he will be stepping down from The Late Show after his contract runs out in 2015. Comedians like Eric Andre, Laura Kightlinger, and Todd Glass reflected on what Dave meant to their careers.

  • We Talked to Reggie Watts About Losing His Virginity on Mushrooms and 'Doctor Who'

    Comedian Reggie Watts took time away from filming season three of IFC's Comedy Bang Bang to talk to us about making love on shrooms, how to gracefully end a set, and Nikola Tesla. Yeah, it was a crazy interview.