Kelly McClure

Kelly McClure

  • Celebrate the End of the World (Year) with Sandra Bernhard at Joe's Pub

    Sandra Bernhard is performing two shows a night at Joe's Pub at the end of this month. It's the only time of the year where she's contractually obligated to hang out with me.

  • We Saw This: King Dude and Psychic TV

    The music of King Dude, on a recording, is all booming, creepy, gritty vocals. When I listen to him, I feel as though a family of dark horses are riding on ribbons of black smoke through my ear holes, and into my mind. I wanted this to translate to his...

  • TD Cruze Made a Hip-Hop Album With Just Animal Noises

    This morning I spent some time with TD Cruze's album, 'The Savage Beast'. This, as I'm told by the source, is the world's first ever animal noise only hip-hop album. Well isn't that fresh and new?

  • Kitty Pryde and Jelz Much Team Up to Make Lesbian Daddy

    Kitty Pryde and Jelz Much teamed up to make the duo Lesbian Daddy. I literally, at this moment, can't think of anything that pleases me more. Here's the premiere of their song, "Internet Boyz."

  • Ginger Baker Cracks Skulls in 'Beware of Mr. Baker'

    What we learn in Beware of Mr. Baker, or at least what I took away from it, is that although he was an amazingly talented drummer (not only for Cream, but also for Blind Faith with Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood), he was a supreme dickhead.

  • We Saw This: R. Kelly

    I find myself fascinated by R. Kelly, and want to submerge myself into his life force, which is why I took my sex lover to his show on Friday night at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York.