Ken Addington

  • Blueberry Chia Pudding Recipe

    Prep all of the components of this pudding the night before, and you'll wake up to an easy, healthy, elegant, delicious breakfast.

  • Moroccan Scramble Recipe

    Packed with spicy peppers, savory merguez sausage, and a rich avocado mash, this breakfast dish is guaranteed to end your hangover.

  • Easy Ricotta Pancakes Recipe

    This delicious pancake ecipe from Ken Addington has an amazing texture thanks to ricotta and whipped egg whites, and is topped with an incredible "honeycomb" butter.

  • Five Leaves Bloody Mary Recipe

    Can't brave the Sunday morning wait at this ever-popular Brooklyn eatery? No problem—get your bloody fix at home.

  • How-To: Make Brunch with Ken Addington

    Ken Addington of Brooklyn's Five Leaves demonstrates how to make a brunch feast of ricotta pancakes with honeycomb butter, spicy Moroccan scramble with merguez sausage and crushed avocado, a classic Bloody Mary, and a blueberry chia seed pudding.