Tara Burns

  • Whore to Culture

    The first thing I realize about grad school is that it's not like a strip club: There is no saying “fuck you” to a patronizing middle aged man who tries to tell me what to do and still waltzing across town and clearing a grand at another club by the...

  • The War on Sex Workers Escalates with FBI Shutdown of MyRedBook

    Logging into Facebook on June 26, I was immediately confronted by dozens of screenshots of a notice with FBI and IRS seals indicating that MyRedBook, a free advertising network for escorts, had been seized.

  • A Womb of Her Own: DIY Abortion and Birth Control After Hobby Lobby

    In the wake of the US Supreme Court’s decision that men need Viagra but women don’t need birth control, one reproductive rights activist released a DIY guide to the basics of abortion, birth control, emergency contraception, and more.

  • How to Survive Being Rescued from Sex Trafficking

    It's now illegal in Alaska to induce a minor to work as a sex worker, but in the 1990s, Alaska's foster-care system repeatedly took away my money, forcing me to work as a sex worker—and my situation wasn't uncommon.