Tonic Editors

  • This Is How One 28-Year-Old Manages Pain and Anxiety

    To cope, I go on shopping binges. I work myself past exhaustion. On the positive side, I go dancing with friends. I host a drawing night to build community and foster creative energy. I make art, I listen to music.

  • How Do I Know If I Have OCD?

    This week in the Coping newsletter: How our staff writer dealt with an OCD diagnosis, and what to do if you think you might have it too.

  • The Tonic Guide to Healthcare

    A comprehensive, easy-to-follow FAQ about getting medical care, whether you have good insurance, bad insurance, or no insurance at all.

  • How Can I Be More Outgoing?

    This week in the Coping newsletter: What it means if you apologize a lot, why math gives you anxiety, and how to be a more social introvert.

  • How Do I Heal From a Breakup?

    This week in the Coping newsletter: Blaming your anxiety on your parents, sensory deprivation tanks, and steps to take after a breakup.

  • What Can I Do to Better Cope With Anxiety at Work?

    This week in the Coping newsletter: Imposter syndrome, working in an open office, and how do deal with office happy hours you don't want to attend.