VICE Germany

  • Kingdom of Germany

    Former chef and martial arts trainer Peter Fitzek has founded his own micronation called the Kingdom of Germany.

  • Human Safari

    Tourists on India's Andaman Islands are taken by the busload to watch the Jarawa tribe go about their daily lives.

  • The Wolfman

    Eighty-year-old Werner Freund would rather be a wolf than a man. He's been raising and living with wild wolves in Germany for the last 30 years and considers them his family. Last January, Gersin Paya and a small crew drove to Merzig to meet Werner.

  • A Sex Trade Show...On Acid!

    VICE Germany gave their buddy Sascha a tab of LSD and sent him to Venus 2012, an erotic trade show in Berlin.

  • Eurovision - In the Empire of Oil Dictatorship

    The lamest pop stars on Earth, drowning in dodgy oil money.