A Film Issue

  • Terry Gilliam

    Terry Gilliam got his start being the most beloved guy in his high school and then he went on to do every job that anyone has ever fantasized about and to collaborate with everyone that anyone has ever wanted to meet or be.

  • Stiff As A Storyboard

    Jerry Parker is a 26-year-old artist who makes a living as an illustrator. Lately, he's been shut away in his studio with some crazy deadline. The job: storyboarding a fuck picture.

  • Vice Fashion - Jack Bond Films Projected On To Models

    Photos by Claudia Grassl, Styling by Aldene Johnson

  • David Lynch

    I am a big-time David Lynch nut. I remember having to steal a copy of Blue Velvet and watch it at a friend’s house because my parents thought it was too sketchy for me to see at 12. I watched each episode of Twin Peaks the night...

  • Lights! Camera! Snack-tion!

    As I sat in the steam room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles with a glass of cucumber water in my hand, pampering myself before the 81st Academy Awards, I wondered: What delights did the evening have in store for me?

  • Over the Edge

    In the spring of 1979, a small-budget movie with a somewhat corny-sounding name was released in just a handful of theaters in New York and Los Angeles, only to be pulled a few days later due to concerns that audiences would riot.

  • Werner Herzog

    Interviewing Werner Herzog is a guilt-ridden experience. There's a lingering notion that he could be drafting a screenplay in the time it takes to ask him a question.

  • What The Hell Is That Noise?

    As a child I’d watch crap late-night films on British TV and say “wow” a lot at how great all the music and backgrounds were in movies—especially the slightly weirder and often ruder films from Italy or France

  • Dapper Nightwatchmen

    The worldwide Congolese fashion cult known as La Sape (Society for the Advancement of People of Elegance) dates back to the return of African soldiers to Brazzaville after fighting for France in the First World War.

  • Vice Comics

  • Get Off My Back!

    There are the ladies who’ll use their abdominal plumbing to make $7,000 helping a couple make a baby, and there are the girls who’ll use their vaginas to make $7,000 fucking a bunch of other girls for a porno.

  • Some Photographs by Dale Yudelman