• America Loves Burger King's Mac N' Cheetos and We're All Doomed

    It’s an uncertain time in the history of our great nation and nowhere is that more apparent than in Burger King’s brand new menu item, the Mac N’ Cheetos.

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    Tarantulas are something of an ultimate creepy-crawly when it comes to their ability to gross people out. But once you're past that, they kind of taste like Cheetos or soft-shell crab.

  • Israel Likes Its Cheetos Without Cheese

    Made with peanuts and puffed maize, Bamba came into existence when a factory south of Tel Aviv attempted to produce a snack similar to Cheetos. Except most Israelis don’t like Cheetos.

  • The Male Chef's Night Before Christmas

    We wanted to know what Male Chef, food-bloggers' worst nightmare, cooks up on Christmas Eve. Here are some of the most disturbing holiday food photos, including a sauerkraut snowman, five-alarm eight reindeer chili, and a vodka snow globe. Don't blow...

  • Meet the Two Geniuses Who Lived on Cheezies and Licorice for One Week

    I was perusing the ol' Facebook when I saw that my friend Rajiv was engaged in an experiment where he could only eat Hawkins Cheezies (the Canadian equivalent of Cheetos) for one business week, with just water and one vitamin pill per day to keep from...

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    A dairy extravaganza that'll put your after-dinner cheeseboard to shame.