• Poop From Invasive 'Crazy Worms' Is Altering Midwest Soil

    Scientists found that the poop-balls produced by invasive Asian jumping worms are packed with nutrients that can’t be easily accessed by plants native to the Midwest US.

  • I'm in an Open Relationship with My Compost

    There were two weeks where I didn’t turn her because I was pissed off at her. I turned her last week. You can’t believe how much it stresses me out if I don’t turn her. I seriously think about her every day.

  • Earthworms Are the New Croutons

    Scientists say we should start eating invasive species like gray squirrel, jellyfish, swamp rat, lionfish, and earthworms. It's all well and good saying that, but how do you make jellyfish look palatable? A group of New Yorkers show us how with their...